Sunday, February 22, 2009


These 2 hounds are wanted in connection with an escape from kitchen confinement on Saturday evening. The details are sketchy, however it is believed that Mesa (the suspect on the right) was put in kitchen confinement for a trial run as an alternative to his kennel. His caring and thoughtful owners believed that the kitchen would be a more comfortable and pleasant experience for him while he was left alone for the first time since his surgery. He was secured in the kitchen by not one, but two child guard gates.

Upon return from a much needed run to the grocery store, the before mentioned caring and thoughtful owners, were surprised to find a freed Mesa and two busted down gates. Witnesses on the scene gave conflicting stories of the actual breakout, but all paws pointed to the same houndy as the accomplice - Truman (pictured above left).

Some of the aliases that these suspects go by include: The Big and The Little, Big Dooda, Big Pen, Chief Little Ear, Hounce de la Founce, Choo-Choo, Trunami, Mesa Face-a and Tru Tru.

Be advised that these suspects are not dangerous, however, they are always very hungry, so caution is advised when approaching these hounds unless you have greenies or tater tots readily available.

It is also believed that a grey and white kitten, known as Diego, DD or the devil, may be somehow involved in this unbelievable crime.

Nancy Grace is the lead reporter on this story and will have an update when more details become available.

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