Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Mesa loves the new Monkey that Aunt Dawn brought over last night. He's had so many visitors...what a lucky, popular guy!

Today has been more of the same. He's pretty bored in the mornings. We have been tapering his pain meds, so part of it could be discomfort. It's hard to keep him from pacing from room to room and wanting to go outside. We broke open the bones we had on reserve for days like this. Seemed to work well - it entertained him for awhile and then he took a nice long nap.

He is still pretty sneaky with his incision. He's scheduled to get his staples out on Saturday, so we are doing our best to not mess that up!! Enter the e-collar aka "the cone." Not Mesa's favorite!! He does however enjoy swinging his head around and clearing off the coffee table as he walks by.

Look at that face!!
Keep sending Mesa your good wishes for a speedy recovery.

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